SharePoint - The Truth Is Out There

March 11 2009 03:30:00 PM Comments Disabled
My friend and web guru Thomas Vander Wal (he coined term "folksonomy", he knows what he's talking about with all this 2.0 stuff!) has just posted a great blog entry: SharePoint 2007: Gateway Drug to Enterprise Social Tools.

Here are some choice nuggets:
  • "There is a third option I have been running into the last year or less, which is removing SharePoint from the organization completely. I know of two extremely large organizations that are removing SharePoint from their organization this year"
  • "One common element from all of the discussions is the frustration nearly all of these organization have with their experience with Microsoft SharePoint 2007."
  • "SharePoint does some things rather well, but it is not a great tool (or even passable tool) for broad social interaction inside enterprise related to the focus of Enterprise 2.0."
  • "MOSS and SharePoint are not great at anything but the last step of formalizing the document for distribution in another workflow."
  • "Many who deployed SharePoint, thought it was going to be the bridge that delivered Enterprise 2.0 and a solid platform for social tools in the enterprise is summed up statement, “We went from 5 silos in our organization to hundreds in a month after deploying SharePoint”."
  • "in typical Microsoft form did not exactly deliver on the promise of marketing."
  • "There are many constraints built into SharePoint and developers for SharePoint are not cheap. Development cycles for SharePoint as said to be about one third to half longer than most other options."
  • "One of the largest complaints is the information is locked in SharePoint micro-silos and it is nearly impossible to easily reuse that information and share it."

He also includes:
  • "What Microsoft marketing did well was sell the value that social tools bring into the enterprise."
  • "Nearly every organization has deployed SharePoint in some form or another."

I will say it is amazing how SharePoint swept through the industry.   Is there anyone not jealous of M$'s marketing budget?

For those that want to get rid of it, I know a solution I can sell you.  (ok, or you can look at Connections)