SAP Hires Sameer Patel As Global SVP for Enterprise Social Software

March 13 2012 12:00:00 PM Comments Disabled
I'd like to congratulate my friend and mentor Sameer Patel in his new role as Global SVP for Enterprise Social Software at SAP. Sameer has been a source of inspiration for me and his guidance was one of the things that helped me make the decision to work at Constellation Research, Inc.

Back in December I attended SAP's Analyst event where they presented some of their future plans and roadmaps. At that time I posted:
"They are clearly putting a lot of effort into modernizing both their image and their products, but I would not exactly start calling SAP "cool" quite yet. In my opinion there were far too many executives in dark suits and even the venue (Boston Park Plaza) contributed to the stogy old vibe. Every presentation included the word cloud at least a dozen times and talked about "people-centric computing", both of which are good messages but a little 2009/10-ish. Still, better late than never."

Also at the end of 2011 I posted:
"Does the innovation gap between startups and the big vendors (wrt social software) still even exist? Or, have IBM, Salesforce, Oracle, Cisco and even SAP caught up and perhaps passed the startups by?"

Putting the two together, we have SAP a company that is trying to make big moves in social business to catch up with companies like IBM and Salesforce, but their current products and messaging need to be updated. Enter Sameer Patel and his new role. Sameer is one of the original evangelists around the concept that "social" needs to play a key part in core-business processes, not be a feature/platform of it's own. With SAP providing Enterprise Resource Planning, Human Capital management, Supply Chain, Data Warehousing, Business Analytics and many more solutions, he's got a great set of processes to work with.

SAP has a lot of work to do to weave the various on-premises, cloud and mobile platforms of SAP and SuccessFactors (which they acquired in Dec for $3.4B) together into a single story infused with social concepts throughout. I think bringing Sameer onboard is a great start for SAP and I assume we'll be seeing more moves like this from them. I can say for certain SAP's Sapphire conference has just gotten a lot more interesting for me.

Good luck Sameer, I look forward to seeing you help move SAP forward in social business.