Research Theme: The Future of Work

March 8 2012 12:30:00 PM Comments Disabled
I just finished updating my profile on our Constellation Research web site, so I thought I'd share the information here as well.

Alan Lepofsky, VP and Principal Analyst

Alan is one of the lead analysts on Constellations' research theme, The Future of Work. (more info on this below) Alan focuses on how enterprise collaboration software/social business software can help people Get Work Done. Since 1993, he has been designing, marketing and helping customers deploy software solutions that enable people to connect with their peers and openly share information. Prior to joining Constellation, Alan spent 3 years as Director of Marketing at Socialtext and before that, 14 years in a variety of roles at IBM/Lotus.

Alan's 2012 research agenda includes:

  • Social Business: Moving From Sharing to Getting Work Done - It's time for companies to take the training wheels off of "social" and move beyond sharing status updates, links and files. This evolution will include two main areas: a) the integration of task/project management software into social business software, b) the integration of core business processes with social business software (ex: CRM, HR, ERP)
  • Social Analytics In The Enterprise: How employees can use analytics to find the right content, colleagues and communities to help them get their jobs done.
  • Standards For Social Business Software: How standards such as OpenSocial, and OpenGraph affect the way vendors and business partners build their solutions and the way customers can customize and deploy them.
  • Enterprise Application Store Maturity Model: The way software is being deployed is changing. Instead of yearly corporate "hardware/software refreshes", updates and new products are now made available via application stores. An application store needs to be more than just a catalog to be successful, it must include administration tools, licensing models, security, sharing features and analytics.
  • Social Business Market Overview: A look at the vendor landscape based on use-cases instead of feature rankings.
  • Activity Streams/Newsfeeds: Streams are the new user interface for most social software, but are they any better than overflowing inboxes? This report takes a look at the features that streams need (and don't need) to make social software a better way to work.
  • Integrated Suites vs. Best of Breed: IT Executives have always struggled when making vendor decisions with the pros and cons of using a single suite versus integrating best of breed products together. This report will look at how today's cloud infrastructures and open industry standards are affecting these decisions.

Above I referenced the theme, "The Future of Work". Unlike the older analyst firms, at Constellation we don't think of the market in terms of platforms like Messaging, Portals or Mobile Computing. Instead we base our research around business themes like The Future of Work or Next Generation Customer Experience. Each of our analysts can contribute their expertise to any theme, but each theme has one or two primary owners. Below is an overview that you can quickly click through to see the topics my colleague Yvette Cameron and I focus on in the Future of Work.

If you'd like to listen to a narrated version, here is the 30 minute video: